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             Homeless Veterans Program

It is estimated that over 150,000 homeless veterans and their families live in our national forests today. Many returned home from war and found they could not cope with society due to PTSD or other emotional problems, and others came to back to find their employers were no longer in business and their jobs were gone. In either case the result is the same, jobs are lost, homes are foreclosed, and they return to what they feel is a safe environment with the brothers and sisters in arms. For our combat veterans living in the forest is not that difficult, but for their families, especially the young children and infants, it can be frightening. That is where Project SOS-Support Our Soldiers, Inc. comes into play.

Project SOS helps to get these American heroes the help they need so that they can once again become productive members of the community. This is not an easy task, but through working with professional community counselors, the Veterans Administration, and local veterans affairs representatives it can be done. Meanwhile, their basic needs to survive need to be taken care of.

We do what we can to provide clean water, food, clothing, medical care, proper sanitation, and shelter to these veterans and their families. Children of these families are also given what they must have in order to attend school and blend in with other children in the community. The best way to change their current environment and economic situation is through education.

The goal of Project SOS is NOT to give these individuals and families a hand out, but rather a hand up, so that they may take pride in their own accomplishments