Serving our US Military, Disabled & Homeless Veterans, and Those in Need
How You Can Help
Project SOS cannot continue without your monetary donations. We are an IRS 501(c)3 charity, and we are registered in the State of Florida. Your gift can make a difference in changing or even saving a veterans life. 

Keep our Veterans in your thoughts and prayers. Recently the VA released statistics that indicated 22 US Veterans commit suicide every day in this nation. That equals more lives lost than in both the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars in just one year. Giving these men and women hope is essential. They answered this nation’s call when they were needed, and we can do no less when they need us.

If you operate a business, belong to a community organization or local church, consider having a fund raiser for Project SOS and our veterans. Speakers are available to present the Project SOS story and work with you to help organize the event. Every dollar donated or raised for Project SOS goes directly to help our veterans. No one who works for Project SOS is compensated, we are all volunteers .

* Please consider donating to our Military Children's Scholarship Program.
For just $4,500 we can provide the child of a veteran in need with a fully paid two year college education.  ​