Serving our US Military, Disabled & Homeless Veterans, and Those in Need
This site will help you learn and  gain a better understanding of what Project SOS-Support Our Soldiers is, and what is does to assist our Veterans. It is our hope that you will embrace this project as it continues its mission by supporting our veterans who served this nation with courage and honor.​
Welcome to Project SOS
           Project SOS- Military Children's Scholarship Program

Project SOS-Support Our Soldiers a 501(c)3 charity operating in the Tri-County Area has been assisting our US Military, their families, and those in need for over five years. By working directly with Veterans in Sumter, Lake, and Marion Counties we have been able to provide mobility devices and wheelchairs to our disabled veterans and also feed, cloth, shelter and provide healthcare to hundreds of military families who live in our local forests. After working with our homeless veterans and their families for the past five years it has become clear that the only way to end the terrible cycle of poverty is through education. For many of our older veterans beginning a new life is difficult but for many of their children who are bright and eager to learn there is still hope for a better future. 

The Project SOS - Military Child Scholarship Program is that hope. Project SOS working in conjunction with Take Stock in Children, and the State of Florida has established a program focusing on the children of our US Military Veterans who are living at or below the poverty level and offering them a way to send their children to college. Many of the children we have worked with over the years have an amazing gift for learning yet they don’t even dream of a college education because of their living circumstances. We now are able to change that and give them the opportunity to achieve anything they can imagine.

For just $4,500 we can provide a child with a two year fully paid tuition scholarship to any state college or university with in the State of Florida. At the completion of their first two years with proven success they can obtain a second scholarship to complete their education. This scholarship program is administered by Take Stock in Children, a leading educational organization with an impressive record in working with children at risk. Even better, every dollar donated is matched by the State of Florida. There is no better gift then learning and no greater legacy than providing a child with an education. Who knows, they may change the world.